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NHS Data Model and Dictionary Service

Version No:1.0
Subject:Clinical Data Set Menu Patch
Effective Date:Immediate
Reason for Change:Patch
Publication Date:26 September 2012


This patch updates the Clinical Data Set Menu to correct an incorrect link.

To view a demonstration on "How to Read an NHS Data Model and Dictionary Change Request", visit the NHS Data Model and Dictionary help pages at: http://www.datadictionary.nhs.uk/Flash_Files/changerequest.htm.

Note: if the web page does not open, please copy the link and paste into the web browser.

Summary of changes:

Supporting Information
CLINICAL DATA SETS MENU   Changed Description

Date:26 September 2012
Sponsor:Richard Kavanagh, NHS Connecting for Health

Note: New text is shown with a blue background. Deleted text is crossed out. Retired text is shown in grey. Within the Diagrams deleted classes and relationships are red, changed items are blue and new items are green.

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Change to Supporting Information: Changed Description


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