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NHS Data Model and Dictionary Service

Version No:1.0
Subject:Diagram Patch
Effective Date:Immediate
Reason for Change:Patch
Publication Date:24 December 2012


This patch updates the NHS Data Model and Dictionary to remove Attributes not required in diagrams and corrects a typographical error in the Attribute "Assessment Tool Type".

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Summary of changes:

Attribute Definitions
ASSESSMENT TOOL TYPE   Changed Description

Date:24 December 2012
Sponsor:Richard Kavanagh, NHS Connecting for Health

Note: New text is shown with a blue background. Deleted text is crossed out. Retired text is shown in grey. Within the Diagrams deleted classes and relationships are red, changed items are blue and new items are green.

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Change to Attribute: Changed Description


National Codes:

001Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (Working Age Adults) 
002Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (Children and Adolescents) 
003Patient Health Questionnaire-9 
004Agoraphobia Questionnaire 
005Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire 'When Accompanied' 
006Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire 'When Alone' 
007Employment Status Questionnaire 
008Generalised Anxiety Disorder Penn State Worry Questionnaire 
009Generalised Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire 
010Health Anxiety Inventory Short Week Scale 
011Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Inventory Questionnaire 
012Panic Disorder Severity Scale 
013Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Impacts of Events Revised Scale 
014Social Phobia Inventory Questionnaire 
015Social Phobia Questionnaire 
016Specific Phobia Questionnaire 
017Work and Social Adjustment Scale 
018Health of the Nation Outcome Scale 65+ (Older Adults) 
019Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (Secure) 
020Mental Health Clustering Tool 
021Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator 
022Strengths And Difficulties Questionnaire 
023Experience of Service Questionnaire 
024Children's Global Assessment Scale 
025Family Assessment Device (General Functioning Subscale) 
026Parenting Daily Hassles 
027Parent-Infant Relationship Global Assessment Scale 
028Paddington Complexity Scale 
029Goal Based Outcomes 
030Mood And Feelings Questionnaire 
031Parenting Stress Index 
032Adult Comorbidity Evaluation - 27 
033Child-Pugh Score Calculator 
034Dysphagia Scoring System 
035Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index 
036Hasenclever Index 
037Hasford Index 
038International Prognostic Scoring System 
039Nottingham Prognostic Index;
039Nottingham Prognostic Index
040Revised International Prognostic Index 
041Sokal Index 
042Oxford Orthopaedic Questionnaire
043Oxford Orthopaedic Questionnaire (Shoulder)


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