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Version No:1.0
Subject:Retired Diagrams
Effective Date:Immediate
Reason for Change:Patch
Publication Date:27 March 2014


This patch removes the retired diagrams from the NHS Data Model and Dictionary to prevent them appearing in Change Requests.

To view a demonstration on "How to Read an NHS Data Model and Dictionary Change Request", visit the NHS Data Model and Dictionary help pages at:

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Summary of changes:

Supporting Information

Date:27 March 2014
Sponsor:Richard Kavanagh, Head of Data Standards - Interoperability Specifications, Health and Social Care Information Centre

Note: New text is shown with a blue background. Deleted text is crossed out. Retired text is shown in grey. Within the Diagrams deleted classes and relationships are red, changed items are blue and new items are green.

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Change to Supporting Information: Changed Description

The Organisation Diagram details relationships for the ORGANISATION class, with respect to the management of CARE PROFESSIONALS and the delivery of ACTIVITIES.

Related diagrams include:


By clicking on a Class on the diagram opposite, the selected Class definition will be displayed. By clicking on an Attribute name displayed within the Class, the selected Attribute definition will be displayed.

Note that not all attributes for a class will be visible. The full list of attributes for a class can be viewed in the class definition, by selecting the 'Attribute' tab.

To view the diagram in full, select the 'Print Window' option, this will open a new window that will display only the diagram. You can also use this view to print the diagram, by right clicking on the diagram and selecting 'Print Picture'.


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