An indication of the type of accommodation that a PATIENT currently has. This should be based on the PATIENT's main or permanent residence.

National Codes:

MA00Mainstream Housing 
MA01Owner occupier
MA02Settled mainstream housing with family/friends
MA03Shared ownership scheme e.g. Social Homebuy Scheme (tenant purchase percentage of home value from landlord)
MA04Tenant - Local Authority/Arms Length Management Organisation/Registered Landlord
MA05Tenant - Housing Association
MA06Tenant - private landlord
MA09Other mainstream housing
HM01Rough sleeper
HM03Night shelter/emergency hostel/Direct access hostel (temporary accommodation accepting self referrals, no waiting list and relatively frequent vacancies)
HM04Sofa surfing (sleeps on different friends floor each night)
HM05Placed in temporary accommodation by Local Authority (including Homelessness resettlement service) e.g. Bed and Breakfast accommodation
HM06Staying with friends/family as a short term guest
HM07Other homeless
MH00Accommodation with mental health care support 
MH01Supported accommodation (accommodation supported by staff or resident caretaker)
MH02Supported lodgings (lodgings supported by staff or resident caretaker)
MH03Supported group home (supported by staff or resident caretaker)
MH04Mental Health Registered Care Home 
MH09Other accommodation with mental health care and support
HS00Acute/long stay healthcare residential facility/hospital 
HS01NHS acute psychiatric ward
HS02Independent hospital/clinic
HS03Specialist rehabilitation/recovery
HS04Secure psychiatric unit
HS05Other NHS facilities/hospital
HS09Other acute/long stay healthcare residential facility/hospital
CH00Accommodation with other (not specialist mental health) care support 
CH01Foyer - accommodation for young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or in housing need
CH03Non-Mental Health Registered Care Home 
CH09Other accommodation with care and support (not specialist mental health)
CJ00Accommodation with criminal justice support 
CJ01Bail/Probation hostel
CJ03Young Offender Institution
CJ04Detention Centre
CJ05Young Offender Institution (15-17) **
CJ06Young Offender Institution (18-21) **
CJ07Secure Children's Home (Secure Welfare Accommodation only) *
CJ08Secure Children's Home (Youth Detention Accommodation only) *
CJ09Other accommodation with criminal justice support such as ex-offender support ***
CJ10Secure Children's Home (Secure Welfare Accommodation and Youth Detention Accommodation) *
CJ11Secure Training Centre *
CJ12Other accommodation with criminal justice support *
SH00Sheltered Housing (accommodation with a scheme manager or warden living on the premises or nearby, contactable by an alarm system if necessary) 
SH01Sheltered housing for older persons
SH02Extra care sheltered housing (also known as 'very sheltered housing'. For people who are less able to manage on their own, but who do need an extra level of care. Services offered vary between schemes, but meals and some personal care are often provided.)
SH03Nursing Home for older persons
SH09Other sheltered housing
ML00Mobile accommodation 
OC96Not elsewhere classified



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