The method of admission to a Hospital Provider Spell.

Note: see ELECTIVE ADMISSION TYPE for a full definition of Elective Admission.

National Codes:

Elective Admission, when the DECISION TO ADMIT could be separated in time from the actual admission:
11Waiting list
Note that this does not include a transfer from another Hospital Provider (see 81 below).

Emergency Admission, when admission is unpredictable and at short notice because of clinical need:
21Accident and emergency or dental casualty department of the Health Care Provider 
22GENERAL PRACTITIONER: after a request for immediate admission has been made direct to a Hospital Provider, i.e. not through a Bed bureau, by a GENERAL PRACTITIONER or deputy
23Bed bureau
24Consultant Clinic, of this or another Health Care Provider 
25Admission via Mental Health Crisis Resolution Team
2AAccident and Emergency Department of another provider where the PATIENT had not been admitted *
2BTransfer of an admitted PATIENT from another Hospital Provider in an emergency  *
2CBaby born at home as intended *
2DOther emergency admission *
28Other means, examples are: **
- admitted from the Accident and Emergency Department of another provider where they had not been admitted
- transfer of an admitted PATIENT from another Hospital Provider in an emergency
- baby born at home as intended

Maternity Admission, of a pregnant or recently pregnant woman to a maternity ward (including delivery facilities) except when the intention is to terminate the pregnancy
31Admitted ante-partum
32Admitted post-partum

Other Admission not specified above
82The birth of a baby in this Health Care Provider 
83Baby born outside the Health Care Provider except when born at home as intended.
81Transfer of any admitted PATIENT from other Hospital Provider other than in an emergency

Note: The National Codes have been listed in logical sequence rather than alphanumeric order.

* Note - National Codes 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D have been introduced to replace National Code 28 'Other means'.  National Code 28 will be retired in the next version of the Commissioning Data Set.

** Note - National Code 28 is NOT valid for use in the Mental Health Services Data Set.


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