National Codes:

001Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (Working Age Adults)
002Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (Children and Adolescents) (Retired 01 January 2016)
003Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (Retired 01 April 2020)
004Agoraphobia Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
005Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire 'When Accompanied' (Retired 01 April 2020)
006Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire 'When Alone' (Retired 01 April 2020)
007Employment Status Questionnaire
008Generalised Anxiety Disorder Penn State Worry Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
009Generalised Anxiety Disorder Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
010Health Anxiety Inventory Short Week Scale (Retired 01 April 2020)
011Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Inventory Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
012Panic Disorder Severity Scale (Retired 01 April 2020)
013Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Impacts of Events Revised Scale (Retired 01 April 2020)
014Social Phobia Inventory Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
015Social Phobia Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
016Specific Phobia Questionnaire (Retired 01 April 2020)
017Work and Social Adjustment Scale (Retired 01 April 2020)
018Health of the Nation Outcome Scale 65+ (Older Adults) (Retired 01 January 2016)
019Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (Secure) (Retired 01 January 2016)
020Adult Mental Health Clustering Tool
021Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator (Retired April 2019)
022Strengths And Difficulties Questionnaire (Retired 01 January 2016)
023Experience of Service Questionnaire (Retired 01 January 2016)
024Children's Global Assessment Scale (Retired April 2018)
025Family Assessment Device (General Functioning Subscale) (Retired April 2018)
026Parenting Daily Hassles (Retired April 2018)
027Parent-Infant Relationship Global Assessment Scale (Retired 01 January 2016)
028Paddington Complexity Scale (Retired April 2018)
029Goal Based Outcomes (Retired 01 January 2016)
030Mood And Feelings Questionnaire (Retired April 2018)
031Parenting Stress Index (Retired April 2018)
032Adult Comorbidity Evaluation - 27
033Child-Pugh Score Calculator
034Dysphagia Scoring System (Retired October 2019)
035Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index (Retired 01 April 2018)
036Hasenclever Index
037Hasford Index (Retired 01 April 2017)
038International Prognostic Scoring System (Retired 01 April 2020)
039Nottingham Prognostic Index
040Revised International Prognostic Index
041Sokal Index
042Oxford Orthopaedic Questionnaire
043Oxford Orthopaedic Questionnaire (Shoulder)
044Venous Thromboembolism Risk Assessment Tool
045TPRG-SEND Two Year Corrected Age Outcome Assessment
046Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development (Third Edition)
047Griffiths Mental Development Scales
048Schedule of Growing Skills
049Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Patient Experience Questionnaire
050Health of the Nation Outcome Scale for People with Learning Disabilities (Retired 01 January 2016)
051Protected Characteristic Protocol (Disability) (Retired 01 January 2016)
052Forensic Mental Health Clustering Tool
053Child and Adolescent Mental Health Needs Based Grouping Tool
054European Group for the Immunological Classification of Leukaemia Scoring System
055Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index 2
056United Kingdom Model for End-Stage Liver Disease
057Decision Support Tool for NHS Continuing Healthcare
058NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Pathway Tool
059Abbreviated Mental Test Score
060Clavien-Dindo Classification of Surgical Classifications
061Clinical Frailty Scale
062Fitness Assessment for Older Patients with Breast Cancer
063Physical Activity Vital Sign
064Revised International Prognostic Scoring System for Myelodysplastic Syndromes Risk Assessment Calculator
065NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist

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