The type of CARE CONTACT.

National Codes:

01Accident and Emergency Attendance
02Acute Home-Based Contact (Retired 01 January 2016)
03Audiology Attendance (Retired 01 April 2014)
04Cancer Clinical Status Assessment
05Care Programme Approach Review
06Clinic Attendance Consultant
07Clinic Attendance Sexual and Reproductive Health Service (Retired November 2014)
08Clinic Attendance Midwife
09Clinic Attendance Non-Consultant
10Clinic Attendance Nurse
11Contact Tracing Activity (Retired 01 April 2014)
12Dental Treatment Contact (Retired 01 April 2014)
13Day Care Attendance (Retired 01 January 2016)
14Domiciliary Consultation
15Emergency Dental Attendance (Retired 01 April 2014)
16Face To Face Contact Community Care (Retired 01 January 2016)
17Face To Face Contact CPA Care Coordinator (Retired 01 January 2016)
18Face To Face Contact Dental (Retired 01 April 2014)
19Face To Face Contact Optical (Retired 01 April 2014)
20Face To Face Contact Social Worker (Retired 01 April 2011)
21Face To Face Contact Surveillance (Retired 01 April 2014)
22Sexual and Reproductive Health Domiciliary Visit
23Genitourinary Consultant Clinic Attendance
24GMP Consultation (Retired 01 April 2014)
25GMP Practice Consultation (Retired 01 April 2014)
26Home Assessment Visit (Retired 01 January 2016)
27Maternity Domiciliary Visit
28Night Consultation Visit (Retired 01 April 2014)
29Nurse or Midwife Contact
30Out-Patient Attendance Consultant
31Registration Health Check  (Retired 01 April 2014)
32Sheltered Work Attendance (Retired 01 April 2011)
33Sight Test (Retired 01 April 2014)
34Social Services Statutory Assessment (Retired 01 January 2016)
35Professional Advice And Support Contact (Retired 01 April 2014)
36Professional Staff Group Contact (Retired 01 January 2016)
37Telephone Contact NHS Direct (Mental Health) (Retired 01 April 2011)
38Theatre Case
39Ward Attendance
40Genitourinary Care Contact (Retired January 2014)
41Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Contact
42NHS Health Check Assessment (Retired April 2019)
43Antenatal Booking Appointment (Retired 1 April 2019)
44Pregnancy First Contact
45Nutritional Assessment
46HIV Clinic Attendance
47Multi-Disciplinary Consultation (National Tariff Payment System)
48Multi-Professional Consultation (National Tariff Payment System)
49Two Year Neonatal Outcomes Assessment
50Radiotherapy Attendance
51Holistic Needs Assessment
52Emergency Care Attendance

Note: The list is not in alphabetical order.


This attribute is also known by these names: