National Renal Data Set Introduction

This data set is out of date therefore the information should not be used.
For further information, see the UK Renal Registry or NHS Blood and Transplant.

National Renal Data Set Overview 

Introduction to the sections within the National Renal Data Set

National Renal Data Set - Demographics 
This section contains data items to capture PATIENT identifiers, demographic information and organisational data. This data can be used to link different data collections together within renal care, as part of wider analysis across co-morbidities and between primary and secondary care. The demographic data can be used to analyse outcomes across different ethnic groups, age groups and geographic locations.

National Renal Data Set - Administration
The Administration section specifies data items concerning admission, discharge, referral, listing for surgery and PATIENT transport. These provide information on workforce planning, knowledge to support audits within the renal community, intelligence on the source of referral, monitoring of the rate and timeliness of referral to renal team, comparisons with set targets and understanding PATIENT views on transport and the performance of the transport provided for PATIENTS.

National Renal Data Set - Renal Care 
This is a general nephrology section capturing a wide range of data. It includes a PATIENT’s treatment, procedures, co-morbidities, test results and observations all of which can be used for secondary analysis of outcomes. The diagnosis, procedures and observations are split into sub sections.

National Renal Data Set - Dialysis
The data items in this section apply only to PATIENTS receiving kidney Renal Dialysis. The section contains items such as PATIENT observations relevant to their Renal Dialysis treatment and adequacy, complications and procedures to construct access.

Diagnosis, procedures and observations that apply to Renal Dialysis PATIENTS regardless of the type of Renal Dialysis are specified at the beginning of the section. There are sub sections for Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) specific diagnosis, observations and procedures. The items concerning Peritoneal Dialysis relate primarily to the actual PRESCRIPTION of Peritoneal Dialysis and data such as the number of bags per week or Renal Dialysis fluid used would be captured when the PRESCRIPTION changes.

National Renal Data Set - Transplant
There are two distinct areas of this section, namely data items to be captured for the recipient of a kidney transplant and the data items to be captured for the donor of that transplant. The recipient will be the renal PATIENT to whom the rest of the data set applies, hence the transplant section should not be taken in isolation. There are data items that are relevant to the transplant recipient specified in other sections of the data set because they are relevant to all renal PATIENTS.

The donor sub section specifies data to be captured for the donor such as Tissue Typing, co-morbidity and blood test result data which can be used to monitor and analyse outcomes for the recipient with regard to the source of the transplanted kidney. For cadaveric donors the items specified would be a one off collection related to the actual transplant.

National Renal Data Set - Paediatrics 
This section specifies items applicable only to paediatric renal PATIENTS and captures data more appropriate for analysis and monitoring of this group. The majority of the data items in this section are currently captured on the British Association for Paediatric Nephrology Registry’s data entry sheets, the remainder are new items.

National Renal Data Set - Dietetics
This section contains data items to capture Nutritional Assessment and dietary requirements/advice. Data is captured by the renal dietitian as part of the management of the PATIENT’s renal care. This data applies to all renal PATIENTS and should be captured where appropriate and where needed at every assessment with a renal dietitian.

National Renal Data Set - Prescribed Items 
This section captures indicators on the PRESCRIPTION of various medications and items specific to renal care and their dosages.

For further guidance see the UK Renal Registry or NHS Blood and Transplant.