NHS Health Checks Data Set Overview

The NHS Health Checks Data Set is used to


The Department of Health and Social Care require NHS Primary Care System Suppliers to extract data, apply documented derivation rules and then securely transmit to NHS Digital, where the information will be validated and stored for Department of Health and Social Care analysis.

The data extract consists of anonymised demographic data and a limited set of clinical observations. The data does not constitute the full PATIENT record.

Time period: The extract covers one calendar quarter.

Frequency: Reports are run quarterly, 6 weeks after the end of the quarter.

Format: Data for submission will be formatted into an XML file as per the NHS Health Checks Data Set Message.

Transmission: Electronic files are transmitted to NHS Digital via an encrypted web based portal hosted at NHS Digital. This web portal enables delegated system suppliers to submit data files in a secure manner across the Internet after derivation rules have been applied.

Guidance and information on derivation rules, READ format mappings and transmission protocols are available from NHS Digital.

Further guidance on the NHS Health Checks Data Set can be found on the NHS Digital website at: NHS Health Check Data Set.