Agoraphobia Mobiliity Inventory Questionnaire

The Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire is a type of ASSESSMENT TOOL.

The Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire is a 27 item self-completion questionnaire.  It is recommended where the PROVISIONAL DIAGNOSIS is Agoraphobia.

PATIENTS select numbers to indicate the degree to which they would avoid particular places or situations because of discomfort or anxiety. The score provides a measure of the severity of agoraphobia.

The scoring is in the range of 1-5 item scale:

1Never Avoid
2Rarely Avoid
3Avoid About Half the Time
4Avoid Most of the Time
5Always Avoid

Each situation is rated twice to reflect the degree that the situation is avoided:

  1. Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire 'When Accompanied'
  2. Agoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaire 'When Alone'

PATIENTS may skip items that are irrelevant to their lifestyles; however, it is recommended that the scale be considered invalid for individuals who skip more than five items.

The AGORAPHOBIA MOBILITY INVENTORY SCORE (WHEN ACCOMPANIED) is scored by calculating the average avoidance rating across all situations for the ‘When alone’ and ‘When accompanied’ scales. For the measure related to ‘When alone’, a cut-off score above an item average of 2.3 should be applied.


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pluralAgoraphobia Mobility Inventory Questionnaires