NHS Health Check Assessment

An NHS Health Check Assessment is a CARE CONTACT.

The assessment may include a number of tests and measurements covering height, weight, family history, SMOKING STATUS, Blood Pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. Each PATIENT's risk of heart attack, stroke or developing diabetes or kidney disease will be determined.

The results of tests performed at the NHS Health Check Assessment will determine the individually tailored advice given to the PATIENT on how to manage or lower those risks. It may result in a Signposting or referral to SERVICES such as Stop Smoking Services and Weight Management Programmes. The CARE PROFESSIONAL undertaking the NHS Health Check Assessment may also decide that further assessments for conditions such as diabetes or hypertension are necessary.

An NHS Health Check Assessment may be carried out in a variety of venues and settings, including pharmacies, community centres and outreach clinics as well as General Medical Practitioner Practices.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
pluralNHS Health Check Assessments