Abbreviated Mental Test Score
Abdominal X-Ray
Ablative Therapy
ABO System
Accident and Emergency Attendance
Accident and Emergency Attendance Conclusion Date
Accident and Emergency Attendance Conclusion Time
Accident and Emergency Date Seen For Treatment
Accident and Emergency Department
Accident and Emergency Departure Date
Accident and Emergency Departure Time
Accident and Emergency Episode
Accident and Emergency Initial Assessment Date
Accident and Emergency Initial Assessment Time
Accident and Emergency Time Seen For Treatment
Active Monitoring
Activity Date for Age (Contract Monitoring)
Activity End Date (Contract Monitoring)
Activity Start Date (Contract Monitoring)
Acute Oncology Assessment
Acute Oncology Episode
Adjunctive Therapy
Adjuvant Therapy
Adult Comorbidity Evaluation - 27
Adult Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Programme
Adult Mental Health Care Cluster
Adult Mental Health Clustering Tool
Adult Nursing
Allied Health Professional Referral To Treatment Measurement
Allred Score
Ambulance Call
Ambulance Control Room
Ambulance Incident
Ambulance Service
American Joint Committee on Cancer
American Society of Anesthesiologists
Anatomical Site
Ann Arbor Staging System
Antenatal Booking Appointment
Antenatal Care Plan
Anti-Cancer Drug Cycle
Anti-Cancer Drug Regimen
Antiretroviral Therapy
Apgar Score
Appointment Request
Appraisal Review
Approved Mental Health Professional
Arrival Date At Accident and Emergency Department
Arrival Time At Accident and Emergency Department
Arts Therapist
Assessment Date For Transplant Suitability
Association of Ambulance Chief Executives
Association of Early Pregnancy Units
Autistic Spectrum Disorder