Organisation Site

An Organisation Site is an ORGANISATION.

An Organisation Site is a single or conjoined piece of land, premises or part of the premises therein, on which facilities are operated and managed by one Organisation.

Adjacent facilities separated only by a natural or man-made feature such as a stream or a road should still be considered as forming an Organisation Site provided they are operated or managed by the same Organisation and there is the capability of safe and quick transport between the facilities.

The Organisation Site must be owned or leased by the Organisation. Where the Organisation is an NHS body then the Organisation Site can be classified as an NHS Site in which case documents, such as lease documents and deeds, will be supported by the estates terrier. Places which are used on a temporary or regular basis, such as school halls, but are not registered on the estates terrier cannot be classified as NHS Sites.

For the purposes of the Organisation Data Service:

The primary function of HSCSite is to identify an association between an HSCOrg and a place with which it is affiliated. All HSCSite entities have an association to an HSCOrg and the HSCSite record is generally real estate that the HSCOrg owns, provides a service at or has some staff based within. HSCSite does not provide unique identifiers for LOCATIONS. Multiple HSCSite instances can point to the same physical place if more than one HSCOrg owns or provides PATIENT care at that place; in this instance each HSCOrg may have its own HSCSite to reflect its affiliation with the same physical place (e.g. a hospital).


This supporting information is also known by these names:
plural Organisation Sites