Systemic Anti-Cancer Drug Cycle

A Systemic Anti-Cancer Drug Cycle (also known as a Chemotherapy Cycle) is an Anti-Cancer Drug Cycle, which is a CLINICAL INTERVENTION

Some Systemic Anti-Cancer Drug Regimens have alternating repeating elements and some have consecutive sets of repeating elements. In all these cases the term “cycle” would be equally valid and help to identify the stage of progress of the PATIENT through Chemotherapy.

For continuous, normally oral Chemotherapy, it will be necessary to agree an arbitrary equivalent. In order to align with the advice of the Oncology Regimen Steering Group, which informs the OPCS-4 Guidance for Clinical Coders, a cycle will be 28 days from the first administration.


This supporting information is also known by these names:
shortnameChemotherapy Cycle
pluralSystemic Anti-Cancer Drug Cycles