An Anaesthetist  is a CARE PROFESSIONAL.

Anaesthetists  form the largest single hospital medical specialty and their skills are used in all aspects of PATIENT care, including:

  • The preoperative preparation of surgical PATIENTS

  • The resuscitation and stabilisation of PATIENTS in the Emergency Care Department

  • Pain relief in Labour and obstetric anaesthesia

  • Intensive care medicine

  • Transport of acutely ill and injured PATIENTS

  • Pre-hospital emergency care

  • Pain medicine including:

    • The relief of post-operative pain

    • Acute pain medicine and the management of acute teams

    • Chronic and cancer pain management

  • The provision of sedation and anaesthesia for PATIENTS undergoing various procedures outside the operating theatre. Examples of this include different Endoscopies, interventional radiology and dental surgery.

For further information on Anaesthetists, see the Royal College of Anaesthetists  website at:  What do Anaesthetists do?.

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