NHS Wales Informatics Service

NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) is an NHS Wales ORGANISATION.


NHS Wales Informatics Service  is an  ORGANISATION.

NHS Wales Informatics Service  (NWIS) is an NHS Wales ORGANISATION.

The NHS Wales Informatics Service  was established on 1 April, 2010, as part of the healthcare reform programme. It brings together the strategic development of Information Communications Technology (ICT), the delivery of operational ICT services and information management.

The new ORGANISATION  has a national remit to support the transformation of NHS Wales and make better use of scarce skills and resources. It was formed by merging Informing Healthcare, Health Solutions Wales, the Business Services Centre IM&T element, the Corporate Health Information Programme and the Primary Care Informatics Programme.

The new arrangements will allow Information Communications Technology resources to work together more closely to support a consistent approach to health informatics and the implementation of common national systems. The ORGANISATION  will also be an exemplar for health informatics professional development.

For further information on the NHS Wales Informatics Service, see the NHS Wales Informatics Service  website at: About us.

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Formerly Health Solutions Wales
Short name NWIS