Young Persons Transition Plan

A Young Persons Transition Plan is owned by NHS England and NHS Improvement.


A Young Persons Transition Plan  is a CARE PLAN.

A Young Persons Transition Plan  is owned by NHS England  and NHS Improvement.

A Young Persons Transition Plan  is a PERSON -centred plan that sets out a process for transitioning from Children's Services to Adult Services that reflects their individual characteristics, aspirations, and families and the different SERVICES they use, rather than apply a pre-determined set of transition options.

A Young Persons Transition Plan  is strengths-based, and focuses on what is positive and possible for the Child or Young Person responding fully to their preferences. It sees the PERSON using care and support as an individual and equal partner with health and CARE PROFESSIONALS to make choices about their own care and support.

For further information on Young Persons Transition Plans, see the NHS England  website at: Commissioning for transition to adult services for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

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