Youth Offending Team

A Youth Offending Team is a Justice Organisation.


A Youth Offending Team  is a Justice Organisation.

A Youth Offending Team  provides the main supervisory elements of statutory youth justice services, including:

  • assessment of children and young people who have offended and management of risk and Child Safeguarding issues

  • supervision of children and young people who have been remanded to custody and those requiring support in the community, as directed by the court

  • provision of pre-court interventions

  • supervision of children and young people who have been given court orders which are to be managed in the community, including the provision of a lay youth panel to discharge the responsibilities of Referral Orders

  • sentence planning for children and young people in custody and their supervision on release.

For further information on Youth Offending Teams, see the website at: Youth offending teams.

Also Known As

This NHS business definition is also known by these names:

Context Alias
Also known as Youth Offending Service, Youth Justice Service, Youth Support Service
Plural Youth Offending Teams