NHS England (Region)

An NHS England (Region) is an integral part of NHS England and NHS Improvement.


An NHS England (Region) is an integral part of  NHS England and NHS Improvement.

NHS England (Regions)  are sub-divisions of NHS England and NHS Improvement's Operations and Information Directorate.

NHS England (Regions)  are responsible for:

  • Providing clinical and professional leadership at sub-national level

  • Co-ordinating planning, operational management and emergency preparedness where a sub-national focus is required

  • Delivering improvements in the performance of health SERVICES across the NHS England (Region)

  • Undertaking direct commissioning functions and processes within the single operating model

  • Supporting the identity and development of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Integrated Care Systems.

Also Known As

This Supporting information is also known by these names:

Context Alias
Formerly NHS Commissioning Board Commissioning Region
Plural NHS England (Regions)