• Is a data structure defined within SNOMED CT ® Release Format 2 (RF2)

  • Consists of a set of references to SNOMED CT ® components, like concepts, descriptions or relationships.

In its simple form a SNOMED CT Refset  is used to represent a subset of SNOMED CT ® content.

SNOMED CT Refsets:

  • Usually represent groups of concepts that share specified characteristics (for example, a specific clinical domain)

  • Support user interface development through the organisation of clinical display, creation of menus and pick-lists, or support of knowledge structures

  • May be created as value sets for messaging or data entry.

Different types of SNOMED CT Refsets  are used to represent:

  • Descriptions or concepts for particular realms or specialties

  • Suitability of particular concepts for use in a particular context in a record.

For further information on SNOMED CT Refsets, see the SNOMED CT ® Glossary at: SNOMED CT reference set.

Change requests for SNOMED CT Refsets released by NHS Digital should be made through the Request Submission Portal on the NHS Digital  website at:  Welcome to the Request Submission Portal.

Also Known As

This Supporting information is also known by these names:

Context Alias
Formerly SNOMED CT Subset
Full name SNOMED CT Reference Set
Plural SNOMED CT Refsets
Short name Refset