Commissioning Data Set Addressing Grid

This page has been updated in DDCN 1645 (Specialised Commissioning: Removal of Default Code YDD82) to remove the National Commissioning Group, as NHS England became responsible for commissioning all specialised services in April 2013.
The page will be updated as part of an Information Standard to reflect the current arrangements for the Commissioning Data Sets.

The Commissioning Data Set Addressing Grid below illustrates which ORGANISATION CODES should be used to populate the CDS PRIME RECIPIENT IDENTITY and CDS COPY RECIPIENT IDENTITY for each PATIENT / NHS SERVICE AGREEMENT.  See the specific ORGANISATION CODE Data Elements for further information on their usage and Organisation Data Service Default Codes etc.

Health Care Providers need to specify the ORGANISATIONS that have a right to the commissioning data set data as a CDS PRIME RECIPIENT IDENTITY or CDS COPY RECIPIENT IDENTITY. This is so that they can access the data once it has been stored in the Secondary Uses Service.

Please note that payment via the National Tariff Payment System is not determined by the CDS PRIME RECIPIENT IDENTITY or CDS COPY RECIPIENT IDENTITY.

Important Notes: