The attributes of classes appearing in the NHS data standards meta data model are listed in alphabetical order. Click on a letter in the Attribute Bookmarks to display the list of attribute names for that letter. To display the definition for a specific attribute, click on the attribute name.

Each listed attribute contains its nationally agreed definition.

Each attribute, data element or class name which appears in the definition text is in uppercase and each business definition name is in Title Case. Where the name appears in blue, this indicates that this is a clickable link and if clicked on will display the definition for that attribute, class or business definition. In the same way, if a data element link is present and clicked on, then the information for a data element will be displayed.

The classes, attributes and relationships are meta model components. The classes are comprised of attributes and the Attribute 'tab' is the way of displaying these. An attribute can only belong to one class (although the Where Used 'tab' will show every class or other object where it is referenced). The relationships identify any optional links or mandatory dependencies between classes. The relationship 'tab' is the way of displaying the relationships associated with a class.