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  • Commissioning Data Sets
  • Commissioning Data Set Supporting Information
  • XML Schema Documentation
  • Supporting Data Sets

Commissioning Data Sets

The Commissioning Data Set is the basic structure used for the submission of commissioning data to the Secondary Uses Service. Every secondary care provider in England has to send a set of standard Commissioning Data Sets to the Secondary Uses Service which contains details of all the care they have provided.

Each Commissioning Data Set name is in Title Case and where the name of a Data Set is Aqua Blue, it indicates that it is a hyperlink and if clicked on will display the Data Set.

To access a Commissioning Data Set:

There are three frames to each Commissioning Data Set:

  • "Left Hand Frame": shows the Commissioning Data Set menu.

  • "Middle Frame":
    • This displays the Data Set.
    • The Data Set is split into Data Groups which contain Data Elements grouped into logical sections. For example the ‘CDS Data Group: Patient Identity’ contains Data Elements relating to a Patient’s identity such as NHS NUMBER.
    • If you click on any item in the Data Set, the definition will be displayed in the "Right Hand Frame".

  • "Right Hand Frame":
    • This initially shows an "Overview" page, which provides information relating to the type of Commissioning Data Set.
    • It displays Data Element definitions viewed from the "Middle Frame".
  • Where information is displayed in frames, the width of the frames can be adjusted by clicking on the “vertical” scroll bar and dragging it left or right as appropriate.

Commissioning Data Set Supporting Information

Further information relating to Commissioning Data Sets can be accessed from the Commissioning Data Sets menu in the "Left Hand Frame".

This section provides help and guidance for transmitting the Commissioning Data Sets to the Secondary Uses Service, for example, the XML Schema TRUD Download.  The Commissioning Data Set XML Schema, documentation and Release Notes can be downloaded via this page.

Note: XML based messaging has been mandated as the standard to be used for transmitting the Commissioning Data Sets.  The XML Schema defines the nationally agreed data specification.

Schema Documentation

The Commissioning Data Set XML Message Schema is a technical document that is designed for use by anyone setting up and maintaining systems to flow Commissioning Data Sets.  It offers a visual representation of the actual XML Schema against which the data is validated.

This provides:

  • The Format and Length of the Data Element
  • Optionality:  this indicates whether Data Elements are Optional or Mandatory
  • Conditionality:  this indicates that there are conditions where the Data Element must be populated
  • National codes (not descriptions) which are shown as enumerations
  • A structural view of each Commissioning Data Set

Supporting Data Sets

Supporting Data Sets are subsets of Commissioning Data Sets and can be accessed from the Front Page as with any other Data Sets, for example, the Critical Care Minimum Data Set.  All relevant Commissioning Data Sets can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks from this Data Set.

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