Help: Data Collections

A Data Set is a group of Data Elements that are required to support business analysis, for example, data associated with an Accident and Emergency Attendance is transmitted in the CDS V6-2 Type 010 - Accident and Emergency Commissioning Data Set.

The primary purpose of national data sets is to enable the same health information to be generated across the country independent of the Organisation or system that captures it.

Note: The NHS Data Model and Dictionary does not contain all national data collections.

Data Sets are grouped together on the front page of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary under Data Collections. A description of each type of data set can be found by hovering over the item name.

The Commissioning Data Sets section also contains supplementary information, see the Commissioning Data Sets Help page for further information.

Each Data Collection name is in Title Case.

Where the name of a:

  • Data Set in text is Aqua Blue, it indicates that it is a hyperlink and if clicked on will display the Data Set and
  • Central Return Form is Pink, it indicates that it is a hyperlink and if clicked on will display the Central Return Form.

There are three frames to each Data Set:

  • "Left Hand Frame": shows the appropriate Data Set menu.

  • "Middle Frame":
    • For Data Sets:
      • This displays the Data Set and may also contain information relating to the data set.
      • The Data Set is split into Data Groups which contain Data Elements grouped into logical sections.
      • If you click on any item in the Data Set, the definition will be displayed in the "Right Hand Frame".
    • For Central Return Forms, this provides a picture of the form. There is a tab for each page of the form.

  • "Right Hand Frame":
    • Initially shows an "Introduction" or "Overview" page, which provides information relating to the type of Data Set.
    • It displays Data Element definitions viewed from the "Middle Frame".

  • Where information is displayed in frames, the width of the frames can be adjusted by clicking on the “vertical” scroll bar and dragging it left or right as appropriate.

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