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About UsThe NHS Data Model and Dictionary is maintained by the NHS Data Model and Dictionary ServiceNoneAbout Us HelpNone
All Item Index (A-Z)The NHS Data Model and Dictionary has an All Items Index which lists all the items in the dictionary in alphabetical orderAll Items Index (A-Z)All Items Index HelpAll Items Index Demonstration
AttributesAn Attribute is the detailed information that describes a ClassAttributesAttributes HelpAttributes Demonstration
BackgroundThe NHS Data Model and Dictionary provides a reference point for approved Information Standards and Collections (including Extractions) within the NHS in EnglandNoneBackgroundNone
ClassesA Class is something that you want to describe and the Attributes define the detail for the ClassClassesClasses HelpClasses Demonstration
Commissioning Data SetsThe Commissioning Data Set is the basic structure used for the submission of commissioning data to the Secondary Uses ServiceCommissioning Data SetsCommissioning Data Sets HelpNone
Data CollectionsA Data Collection or Data Set is a group of Data Elements that are required to support business analysisData CollectionsData Collections HelpData Collections Demonstration
Data ElementsA Data Element is the definition of the information which usually flows in a Data Set. In addition, they can contain text providing guidance, support, values or other informationData ElementsData Elements HelpData Elements Demonstration
Data Modelling IntroductionThe NHS Data Model and Dictionary is made up of a number of componentsNoneData Modelling IntroductionNHS Data Model and Dictionary Components
DemonstrationsA number of short demonstrations are available which will take you through the NHS Data Model and Dictionary componentsNoneDemonstrationsNone
DiagramsThe NHS Data Model and Dictionary has a small set of diagrams which represent parts of the NHS Data ModelDiagramsDiagrams HelpDiagrams Demonstration
Help IntroductionThe NHS Data Model and Dictionary Help Introduction Page will help direct you to the information you requireNoneHelpNone
NavigationThere are many ways to navigate the NHS Data Model and Dictionary.NoneNavigationNone
NHS Business DefinitionsEach NHS Business Definition consists of freestanding text which describes an aspect of NHS activityNHS Business DefinitionsNHS Business Definitions HelpNHS Business Definitions Demonstration
Related DDCN/DSCN/ISNThe Related DDCN/DSCN/ISN link shows which Data Dictionary Change Notice (DDCN), Data Set Change Notice (DSCN) or Information Standards Notice (ISN) made changes to an itemMain MenuRelated DDCN/DSCN/ISN HelpRelated DDCN/DSCN/ISN Demonstration
SearchThe NHS Data Model and Dictionary has a Quick Search Facility and an Advanced Search FacilityMain Menu and Advanced SearchSearch HelpSearch Demonstration
Supporting InformationSupporting Information provides information to help users understand and use the NHS Data Model and DictionarySupporting InformationSupporting Information HelpSupporting Information Demonstration
Test Your KnowledgeTest Your Knowledge can be found at the end of each Demonstration to check your understanding of the subjectNoneTest Your KnowledgeNone
What's NewThe What's New page shows the Information Standards Notices, Data Set Change Notices and Data Dictionary Change Notices that have been incorporated into each release of the NHS Data Model and DictionaryWhat's NewWhat's New HelpWhat's New Demonstration

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