Help: NHS Business Definitions

The text for each NHS Business Definition starts by identifying which Class is used and is followed by a description of the item.

Each NHS Business Definition name is distinguished from Classes, Attributes and Data Elements by appearing in Title Case rather than UPPERCASE (see the example below) and where the name in text in Blue, it indicates that it is a hyperlink and if clicked on will display the definition for that NHS Business Definition.

An example of an NHS Business Definition is a Hospital Provider Spell, which is related to the Class ACTIVITY GROUP.

The following information is available on an NHS Business Definition:

  • "Description" tab: a definition of the NHS Business Definition which provides hyperlinks to other related definitions.
  • "Where Used" tab: every item where the NHS Business Definition is used within the NHS Data Model and Dictionary. 

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For a demonstration on NHS Business Definitions, see the NHS Business Definitions Demonstration.

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