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   Test Your Knowledge

A number of short Demonstrations are available which will take you through each component, step by step, in an easy to understand screen capture including a voice over and readable captions.
You can access the Demonstrations from the help pages, they are indicated by this icon .

Please note that the information contained in the demonstrations was correct at the time of publication.

At the end of each demonstration, you can choose where you want to go next, you can either:

  • Test Your Knowledge on the section you have just completed
  • navigate through all the demonstrations in the order above (recommended for new users)
  • return to the Help Menu
  • return to the Front Page of the NHS Data Model and Dictionary.

The Test Your Knowledge section provides 3 questions on each of the Demonstrations to check your understanding of the subject:

Once you have completed the Demonstrations and Test Your Knowledge, there are two quizzes to check your understanding of the help pages and the navigation options:

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